To commercialize products and equipment for the production of advanced constructions in composite materials and provide the best technical solutions for our clients and their projects.


To be a benchmark among companies dedicated to advanced composite materials.

Mel Composites, SL as a supplier of products and advisory services in the field of composite materials, defines the following principles of action:

Excellence: achieve the highest quality of the products supplied and services provided, guaranteeing the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Continuous improvement : applied to our products and technical service based on objectives established annually.

Professionalism : promote the training, awareness and motivation of our team, in new materials and/or construction techniques, as well as participation through teamwork and suggested improvements.

Sustainability : preserve natural resources and minimize the generation of CO2 emissions and waste through the efficient use of products and energy resources across our activities.

Compliance: comply with the requirements of our clients, the applicable legislation and other subscribed requirements, as well as preserve the confidentiality of the information and data with which we work.

Safety: use continuous improvement to enhance the health and safety across all of our work activities, including coordination with external collaborating personnel, customers and suppliers.

This policy is complemented by the quality objectives which are approved annually, and are available to all interested parties on request.

Eduardo Galofre | Manager