Barcelona, June 4th, 2024 – MEL Composites, a leading materials and technical support provider in the advanced composites sector, has announced the integration of its cutting-edge infusion technology with the timeless design of Sasga Yachts.

Since its founding in 1997, Sasga Yachts, formerly known as Menorquín Yachts, has been synonymous with classic motor yacht design inspired by the traditional llaüt fishing boats of the Balearic Islands. The company has been collaborating with MEL Composites since 2011 to introduce resin infusion techniques into its manufacturing processes.

The collaboration between MEL Composites, Sasga Yachts and naval architect Barracuda Yacht Design began with the development of the Menorquin 42 project. MEL worked closely with Sasga Yachts to optimize construction details and achieve a safer and more cost-effective infusion strategy.

The successful implementation of resin infusion for the Menorquín 42 laid the foundation for further collaboration, culminating in the development of the Menorquín 54 and extending to boats up to 68 feet in length.

Fundamental to the success of this collaboration is the comprehensive approach of MEL Composites, which supplies customized raw material kits tailored to Sasga Yachts’ specifications, as well as on-site training and assistance for the infusion process. By providing a complete package including resins, fabrics, Aircell cores, consumables and tooling, MEL Composites ensures seamless integration and optimum performance, raising Sasga Yachts’ manufacturing standards.

Eduardo Galofre, CEO of MEL Composites, highlighted the importance of planning and material selection to achieve a successful infusion strategy. “Understanding the synergies between materials and consumables is paramount to realizing the full potential of resin infusion,” commented Galofre. “Our partnership with Sasga Yachts is an example of our commitment to offer tailored solutions and technical support that improve efficiency and performance.”

Sasga Yachts cited the infusion strategy as a game changer in its manufacturing processes. “Thanks to MEL Composites’ expertise, we have optimized our production methods, resulting in stronger, lighter boats with superior performance. Resin infusion not only improves efficiency, but also improves working conditions for our technicians.”

With a shared vision for innovation and excellence, MEL Composites and Sasga Yachts continue to push the boundaries of yacht manufacturing, marrying classic design aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and performance.